Natural Saffron Spray

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Saffron, known as the spice king, has been used and traded for four thousand years. Nowadays, about 90 percent of saffron production in the world is made by Iran. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, as each flower is hand-picked individually.

The aroma and taste of saffron has been described as sweet. Saffron gives food its yellow-orange color. Saffron is widely used in Indian, Iranian, European, Arab and Turkish cuisines. In addition, saffron is used in fabric dyeing and perfumery.

Saffron has a long medical history as part of traditional treatment methods. It has antioxidant properties and is useful for depression. Saffron is widely used in the preparation of foods, especially rice, chicken meat, red meat and desserts. In addition, Saffron spray can be added to tea, coffee and other beverages and gives different flavors in a few seconds.


Product Features
Explanation Before use, spray towards the surface you want to use by shaking.
Features Inside the aluminum tube, without using any propellant-protective chemical gas, it was sterilized by ultrafiltration method and filled without touching.
The Net Amount 125 ml